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BE THE GIG has evolved since its inception. What started as an online sunglasses store has grown to a sisterhood of empowered women from around the world who are connected, encouraged, and living in and on purpose. Although we love everything fashion, we are a bridge, bringing women together to build each other up. We founded BTG as an online sunglasses store on April 1, 2017. Two Latina women came together and the rest became history. Ambar Rivera, from El Salvador and growing up in the West Coast, Los Angeles, California and Emelen De La Cruz-Cedillo, a Dominican- American who grew up in the small city of Lawrence, Massachusetts in the East Coast and who now lives in San Antonio, Texas. These two women were brought together amidst all odds and began a beautiful partnership which has flourished beyond their wildest dreams!


Our passion and love for all things fashion, especially a good pair of sunglasses, brought us together and we dreamed. Our faith led us to believe we were created on purpose and for a purpose. As our friendship, sisterhood and business grew we evolved from two women, to dozens and counting. We have hosted two retreats, one international, and we look forward to hosting more annually. We believe we each are a gift to this world and we want to encourage others to experience the gift of who you are and , “Shine for you, Shine for others, But most of all, Shine for Him”.  Don’t dim your light, let it shine. The world needs you and you were created fearfully, wonderfully and you're one of a kind. Our goal is to continue connecting empowered women from around the world and share tools and strategies for life and all things business, mental health, financial health, fashion, and faith in a sisterhood who walks alongside you and cheers you on. Never forgetting that we could do all this in style and even better, all while rocking a hot, quality pair of our hand selected sunglasses. 

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